BSDCan 2012

BSDCan is held each May in Ottawa, Canada. Here are links to the 2012 tutorials and presentations. If you have the URL to a missing presentation, leave a comment.

Massimiliano Stucchi & Philip Paeps: IPv6 Tutorial – How to get rid of Legacy

Kris Moore:  Maintaining Your own PBI Package Repository

Peter Hansteen: Building the Network you Need with PF, the OpenBSD Packet Filter

pdfEric F. Crist & Thomas Johnson:  Introduction to OpenVPN Practical use of OpenVPN to Secure Remote Networks

Michael W. Lucas: SSH Keys, Tunnels, VPN, and Automation


Brett Lymn: An Introduction to Verifiedexec in NetBSD


Michael Dexter: BSD Multiplicity – An applied survey of BSD multiplicity and virtualization strategies from chroot to BHyVe

Kirk McKusick: An Overview of Locking in the FreeBSD Kernel


Mark Linimon: Progress in FreeBSD Ports

Steve Wills: Ports Testing Project


Pawel Jakub Dawidek: auditdistd – Secure and Reliable Distribution of Audit Trail Files

Jason Goldschmidt & K.Y. Srinivasan:  FreeBSD on Microsoft Hyper-v – A Collaborative Effort Between Microsoft, NetApp, and Citrix

Brett Lymn: Automated Testing of libcurses in NetBSD


Warren Block: Automated Documentation Proofreading – igor: Making Documentation Easier

Bjoern A. Zeeb: Kernel Debugging Tricks


Colin Percival: Crowdsourcing Security – Lessons in Open Code and Bug Bounties

Bjoern A. Zeeb: IPv6 – Faster, Further, FreeBSD


Ivan Voras: Bullet Cache – Balancing Speed and Usability in a Cache Server

Benedict Reuschling: Google Code-In and FreeBSD


Ken Merry: CAM Target Layer


Chris Buechler & Scott Ullrich: pfSense 2.1: IPv6 and More

Jeremy C. Reed: Intro to DNSSEC

Russell Cattelan: Fast Reboots with kload


Adrian Chadd: State of 802.11 in FreeBSD


Robert Watson: Capsicum

Matt Thomas: NetBSD/mips


Andrew Pantyukhin: FreeBSD Unified Deployment and Configuration Management – A Practical Approach to Managing Highly Heterogeneous Installations

powerpoint Shawn Webb: Virtually-Networked FreeBSD Jails


Julian Elischer: FusionIO and FreeBSD

Davide Italiano: Work on callout(9)

Tom Judge: Building a FreeBSD based Virtual Appliance – How we Built the Razorback Appliance

Luigi Rizzo: High speed packet I/O: Challenges and Solutions –
The netmap Framework for Fast Packet I/O

powerpointJustin T. Gibbs & Will Andrews: Optimizing ZFS for Block Storage


Piotr Zięcik: FreeBSD on Freescale QorIQ Data Path Acceleration Architecture Devices

Henning Brauer: OpenBSD Network Stack Evolution – cksums and a new Queueing Subsystem

Randi Harper: Overview of Amazon Web Services

Stefan Bethke: Ethernet Switch Framework – Fully Utilize Your WLAN Router

Olivier Van Acker: Go SCTP! SCTP Implemented in the Language Go


Baptiste Daroussin: pkgng – Modernising FreeBSD Package Management

Fernando Gont: Recent Advances in IPv6 Security


Nikolai Lifanov: Solaris Boot Environments for FreeBSD – Reboot into Different Kernels and Worlds

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