FOSDEM is the biggest free and non-commercial event organized by and for the community. It is held each year in Brussels, Belgium in February. Here are the links to the BSD presentations:

David Chisnall: Implementing Domain-Specific Languages with LLVM


Arun Thomas: MINIX 3 and BSD

Baptiste Daroussin: Introduction to pkgng

David Chisnall: Towards a BSD C++11 Stack


Brooks Davis: Integrating LLVM into FreeBSD


Marc Balmer: The Lua Scripting Language in the NetBSD Kernel

Pierre Pronchery: Touch your NetBSD

Benny Siegert: pkgsrc on MirBSD


Guillaume Lasmayous & Emile Heitor: Introduction to pkgsrc, and to Package Creation in NetBSD

Emile Heitor: pkgin, a Binary Package Manager for pkgsrc

Nicolas Thauvin: Automated Package Building

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