EuroBSDCon 2012

EuroBSDcon is the European technical conference for people working on and with 4.4BSD based operating systems and related projects. Here are the 2012 presentations:

Chris Buechler & Ermal Luci: pfSense 2.1

Dru Lavigne: Introduction to FreeNAS 8.3

Radoslaw Kujawa: Writing the NetBSD drivers with bus_space(9) API

Kirk McKusick: An Introduction to the FreeBSD Open-Source Operating System

Peter N. M. Hansteen: Building The Network You Need with PF

Tod McQuillin: DTrace on FreeBSD Systems

Eric Allman: Bambi Meets Godzilla, They Elope – Open Source Meets the Commercial World

Edward Tan : Config Management in FreeBSD Using Puppet

Peter Hessler: Using Routing Domains / Routing Tables in a Production Network

John Hixson: FreeNAS System Architecture

Adrian Steinmann: The pivot_root System call for BSD systems (NetBSD)

Gábor Kövesdán: XML Migration and Clean-up of the Documentation

Gábor Kövesdán: Implementing an Efficient Regex Library

Aleksandr Rybalko: How to put FreeBSD Power into small MIPS Switch/Router

Mike Belopuhov: Improvements in the IPsec stack and OpenBSD Cryptographic Framework

AlexanderPronin: Parallelization in the Ports Collection (GSoC’12)

Aleksander Dutkowski: Running FreeBSD/arm on BeagleBoard-xM (GSoC’12)

Bruce Simpson: The Identifier-Locator Networking Protocol (ILNP) in FreeBSD

Dag-Erling Smørgrav: Challenges in Identity Management and Authentication

Zbigniew Bodek: FreeBSD and NetBSD on APM86290 System on Chip

Baptiste Daroussin: Reliable Asynchronous and Distributed Building Clusters

Baptiste Daroussin: On the Road to pkg 1.1

Andrew Pantyukhin: BSD/Unix CLI and TUI Ecology

Henning Brauer: OpenBSD’s new Queueing Subsystem

Olivier Cochard Labbé: BSD Router Project and BSD Media Center

Kris Moore: The Warden – FreeBSD and Linux Jail Management

Marc Espie: Advances in Packages and Ports in OpenBSD

Hans Petter Selasky: FreeBSD USB Stack: Status Report

Páli Gábor János: Mirage/kFreeBSD

Michael Dexter: The BHyVe Hypervisor In Depth

Alistair Crooks: Extension to veriexec Which Uses Digital Signatures to Verify the Provenance of a File

Martin Matuska: Tuning ZFS on FreeBSD

Dan Langille: Tips on Running a conference for 250 People all by Yourself

Marius Strobl: Running BSD-licensed Software on BSD-licensed Hardware

Philip Guenther: OpenBSD and ‘real’ Threads

Olivier Van Acker: Implementation of SCTP in Go (FreeBSD)

Pierre Pronchery: Touch your NetBSD

Stefan D. Caunter & Allan C. Jude: A Fault Aware Global Server Load Balancer in DNS

Reinoud Zandijk: NetBSD/usermode

Kirk McKusick: An Overview of Locking in the FreeBSD Kernel

ErwinLansing: FreeBSD Foundation Vendor Relations



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